Enhance learning at every stage of kidney care

Optimize your treatment pathways with IKONA's science-based, delivery-focused learning platform

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Backed by industry leading partners and research institutions.


We begin by identifying the required learning task, whether you are a patient, provider, or care partner.


We then identify relevant brain regions and system responsible for processing the required learning tasks.


And then we deliver the optimal technology solution to address your personalized learning needs.


3x to 4x increase
in home adoption after VR
37% increase
in home knowledge after VR
41% reduction
in anxiety after VR
51% increase in confidence
after our baseline kidney health course
A+ 95.5
usability score based on validated SUS measure
95% initial learning
1-week retention score of 91%
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Who We Support

For Organizations

Measurable learning solutions to accelerate and streamline transitions of care.

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For Providers

Personalized education tools designed to help your patients and practice thrive.

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For Patients

Science-based learning tools to help you navigate your kidney care journey.

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Balboa Nephrology Partners with IKONA to Transform Education and Training for Kidney Disease Patients

Balboa Nephrology and IKONA have entered into a strategic partnership to develop, test, and commercialize groundbreaking learning products and services for people living with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and end-stage kidney disease (ESKD). By harnessing the collective expertise of Balboa's clinical care delivery with IKONA's innovative learning solutions, the partnership seeks to create impactful, patient-centric programs designed to improve transitions of care, reduce costs, and increase access to treatment options for patients with CKD and ESRD.

IKONA Awarded Patent For AR-Based Pill Planner Tool

IKONA has been awarded a patent for invention number 10,558,878 for its Pill Planner application, which was designed to help patients manage multiple medications by using augmented reality (AR) to guide the placement of pills into a patient's pill box.

IKONA Selected to the GSV Cup Elite 200

New York, NY (Jan 18, 2022) — IKONA has been selected to The Elite 200, the acclaimed list of semifinalists...

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