Measurable learning experiences for patients

We are reinventing learning in kidney care, one experience at a time.


What We Do

IKONA makes it easier for kidney care providers to deliver effective, measurable education that empowers patients and leads to better, faster learning.

Clinical Expertise

What patients need to know

From the basics of kidney health to treatment options like transplant and dialysis, our content helps patients at every stage.

Learning Science

When and how they need it

Our platform is designed to help deliver important information when patients need it most to improve learning and confidence.


From those in their shoes

We help patients share their stories and experiences so others can learn from them when faced with similar situations and decisions.


Patients learn from experience

No kidney care journey is the same. We combine clinical expertise, learning science and storytelling to deliver measurable learning experiences.


Control your delivery

We help providers deliver powerful interactive content with lasting education and health benefits for their patients.


Clinical expertise, delivered

Patients struggle to find the right information, let alone to understand what it all means. 

We deliver readily available expertise in ways patients can learn from — and enjoy!



average increase in patient and staff understanding

8 in 10

users prefer VR to traditional learning methods


average increase in patient and staff confidence

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