Optimizing kidney education through learning science and storytelling. 

IKONA delivers, measures and supports personalized learning pathways for people with kidney disease. We empower our users with knowledge and resources that lead to better understanding and confidence throughout their kidney care journeys.

I'm here to educate
Give your patients access to personalized, on-demand learning
I'm here to learn

Make sense of your kidney health and build new skills along the way


For Providers

IKONA gives you the power to personalize learning.

Effective education has three components: content, delivery and measurement. A patient's goals, motivations, and overall understanding should drive their individual learning pathway. IKONA is leading this shift from a content-led approach to one that optimizes delivery and measurement for each individual patient.

our three-step approach
Our neuroscience-based approach helps us identify the best delivery method for a given learning task.


Deliver Better Learning Outcomes



average increase in patient and staff understanding


IKONA Usage Data



average increase in patient and staff confidence


IKONA Usage Data

8 in 10


users who prefer VR to traditional learning methods


IKONA Usage Data



improved learning transfer using microlearning


On-demand experiences your patients will love.

Online and virtual reality (VR)-based learning modules give you access to tools proven to increase engagement, knowledge and confidence.

Better patient engagement
Help patients make decisions about their available treatment options.

How we help your patients and your team

We make it easier for kidney care providers to deliver effective, measurable education that leads to faster learning and better retention.



Patients already have access to free handouts and online resources, yet still struggle to understand their health and treatment options.

Better delivery is all about how and when patients learn.



How do you currently see a patient's understanding, confidence, or interest in available treatment options?

Better measurement means a more complete picture of the patient journey at every stage.



Together, we can eliminate barriers to health literacy in kidney education. Support is a key component of that aim.

How? With a patient-first, human-led approach, powered by our technology.

Knowing what to learn is just the first step. Delivery is what matters.