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ikona saves you time, makes it easier to understand important topics, and helps you track and share your progress.

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How to get started
What does ikona do?

We offer a place for you to learn, ask questions, find answers and keep track of learning progress throughout your care journey.

At ikona, we've created an online hub focused on simplifying the learning process and helping you connect with the resources and people you need every step of the way.

Too many people rely on infrequent, short visits with their provider to get access to relevant information about their health. With ikona, you finally have a better way to stay informed, confident and connected.

FAQs to help you get to know ikona

What is ikona?

ikona is an online learning platform designed to be a more effective and accessible way to understand your health. We use neuroscience and storytelling to help people learn faster, remember more and feel better. Learn more here.

How will I learn with ikona?

Here's a preview of what to expect from ikona:

  • Shorter lessons - just 5 or 10 minutes at a time is all you need
  • Spaced out lessons - once a day or a few times per week
  • Spaced out quizzes - quick check-ins to see how you are doing
  • Focused support - actively finding areas where you might want help
  • Goal-setting - knowing what you want and helping you track your progress
Learn more about what to expect here.

What is the goal of using ikona?

Our goal is to make learning about your health accessible, effective, and fun. Think of us like your GPS for learning. It's our job to know where you need to go, and how to help you get there. We do this by building lesson plans around your personal interests, needs and goals. Learn more about what we'll accomplish together here.

Why use ikona instead of what I've been doing?

The best health education experiences have three things in common:

  1. They make sense - lessons that you can understand and use in your daily life
  2. They are reliable - lessons that are accurate and available when you need them
  3. They are personal - information that is based on your own interests, needs and goals
You are probably here because you are looking for at least one of these things. We're here to help, one lesson at a time. Learn more here.

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