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Short visit times add to health literacy barriers. 

Well-informed patients have better health outcomes, but unfortunately this is rarely how patients feel after a 15-minute visit. When your patients cannot understand or use their health information, they lose the ablility to manage their health effectively and make confident decisions about available treatment options.

Doctor's Appointment

We asked patients about their education needs

Over 90% of patients we talked to want the option to meet with a kidney coach between their doctor's appointments.

To Increase Knowledge and Confidence
To Discuss Diet and Nutrition Tips
To Understand Treatment Options
To Discover Frequently Asked Questions

Metrics that matter for providers

We recognize that patient outcomes and optimal treatment pathways are critical for nephrology practices. By addressing low health literacy barriers we directly affect patients' comprehension, confidence and decision-making abilities. Our evidence-based, personalized approach to education is designed with your financial and outcomes-based needs in mind.

improved health literacy

Empowering patients to be able to use and understand health information is what IKONA was designed to do.

Doctor's Appointment

better patient experience

Knowing each patient's goals and motivations is hard, let alone building a tailored learning plan to meet their needs.

How it looks for patients

better health outcomes

Identifying an optimal treatment pathway is more than a one-sided prediction. Patient comprehension and readiness are key.

Annual Check-up

lower overall cost of care

By improving a patient's ability to learn about their treatment options, IKONA aligns financial outcomes with care paths.

How it works for your patients

Step 1

Refer a new patient

Once you enroll a new patient, we will reach out directly to schedule their initial welcome call and coaching session.

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Step 2


An IKONA coach will meet with your patient to talk about goal setting, gather a knowledge baseline and begin designing a learning plan.

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Step 3


Your patient will have access to our platform and ongoing support from our kidney coaches, who will build and iterate their learning paths.

How it looks for patients

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We will help you take a look at your existing educational programs and benchmarks and build a program that will help improve health literacy and outcomes for your patients.

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