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How ikona works for providers

Making learning progress possible and visible, at scale.

ikona works with health care providers to deliver, measure and support personalized learning paths so you can expand your reach, grow your practice and save money.

ikona removes education barriers and improves the learning process for your patients, when and where they need it.

We made it simple for you to expand education without spending more time and resources to make it happen. It's never been easier for providers to educate, empower and support their patients.

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How will ikona help me?

Providers we meet face a long list of barriers when it comes to patient education. A lack of time and resources are often top of mind, especially during short, infrequent visits.

At ikona, we've created a way for you to not only support your patients beyond the walls of your care setting, but to deliver better education to more people with less demand of your time.

We are powering your learning interactions, no matter where or when they happen, so you can make the most of your time with patients.

What can your patients do with ikona?


  • On-demand

  • Short, simple lessons

  • 150+ free resources


  • Ask questions

  • Search 100s of FAQs

  • Prepare for your visit


  • Comprehension

  • Retention

  • Confidence

How it works for your patients

Step 1

Patient Signs Up

When an individual signs up, we follow up right away to get to know the patient or care partner and help them get set up with what they need.

Sign Up

Step 2

Lesson planning

We build lesson plans for each individual user, based on their motivations, goals, interests and share that lesson plan in your dashboard.

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Step 3

Personalized learning

We continue to work towards improving their understanding, retention, and confidence. You can track their progress every step of the way.

Personalized learning for your patients

IKONA gives you the power to personalize learning.

Effective education has three components: content, delivery and measurement. A patient's goals, motivations, and overall understanding should drive their individual learning pathway. IKONA is leading this shift from a content-led approach to one that optimizes delivery and measurement for each individual patient.

our three-step approach
Our neuroscience-based approach helps us identify the best delivery method for a given learning task.


Deliver Better Learning Outcomes



average increase in patient and staff understanding


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average increase in patient and staff confidence


IKONA Usage Data

8 in 10


users who prefer VR to traditional learning methods


IKONA Usage Data



improved learning transfer using microlearning

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