Celebrating Four Years: Reflections From Our Team

Captain's Log: Day 1,460

Our quest continues. At IKONA, our journey has always been as much about where we came from as it is about our hopes for what lies ahead. But most of all, our story is increasingly defined by those along for the journey with us. Those who would rather choose a path through uncertainty, because they know the path they forge will lead others to new heights and better days. They are the rising tide and the people I am lucky to learn from on a daily basis. This year, our annual letter is written by our team. I've asked each of them to weigh in on a few top-of-mind questions. After all, it is through their eyes, hearts and minds that IKONA's future is possible, and it is because of their actions today that more will join us in the months and years ahead. This team will forever change the way patients navigate their care. It is because of them that every patient will experience a truly personal learning journey, and have IKONA beside them every step of the way. I am forever grateful and humbled to have each of them on this journey. Enjoy! - Tim

Why is improving patient education important to you?

"The educated patient is the best partner. Education has the most impact in affecting a patient’s healthcare. If they understand their disease, then they can participate in staying as healthy for as long as possible." - Yolanda

"Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) affects millions of lives every day. Knowing IKONA is empowering individuals living with CKD with essential education to care for themselves? This is my why!" - Trish

"In learning more and more about CKD and ESRD it is clear that we can enhance the quality of life and outcomes for current and future kidney patients by providing high quality education that is consistent, scalable and available on demand. As an educator at my core, it is important to me to do what I can to improve healthcare education in general and kidney care education in particular." - Todd

"CKD or ESRD diagnosis is often devastating and overwhelming news to a patient. However, with the help of patience, empathy, and proper education that burden can be lifted and quality of life can be improved for that patient and their family." - Caroline

"Two of the major contributing factors to the development of CKD are diabetes and hypertension. As we have seen increases in obesity and diabetes, we are also seeing increases in CKD, and expect numbers to increase significantly in the coming decade. I am passionate about helping others reduce the burden of chronic metabolic disease, and a cornerstone to doing that is through education." - Rich

"The one real thing that can improve patient care and give a patient power is knowledge. It’s great to be part of a company that is dedicated to doing just that. IKONA Health is introducing innovation that the kidney care space has desperately needed." - Qasim

What has you most excited about what we're working on?

"In the current climate, where innovation is key, IKONA has melded vision, creativity and science to take interactive education to a new level." - Chris

"The most exciting thing is working as a team with patients, healthcare professionals, software engineers, creative film makers and entrepreneurs. I get to offer my expertise toward our goal, learn from those with expertise in other areas, and watch the magic that results. The whole is so much more than the sum of the parts." - Todd

"This is an amazing platform that can transform how material is presented to the patient. It is easy to navigate and fun to watch. It isn’t the usual dry lectures. Patients have choice in what they can view and can digest the information." - Yolanda

"IKONA offers interactive education experiences for clinicians and patients. Through these personalized experiences, clinical staff are more confident in their competence when caring for CKD patients while patients come away with a renewed sense of independence in self-care." - Trish

"I am thrilled that there will be a tool for patients and nurses to help navigate kidney education in a personalized and innovative way. The content provided gives patients the opportunity to explore each aspect of kidney disease at a speed that works best for them and it allows them to address their unique questions with their care providers." - Caroline

"We are at an incredible point in history where we can provide engaging and effective educational experiences to those living with chronic metabolic disease - and we should be making these tools accessible to all. As the healthcare system becomes more and more overwhelmed, we need to be able to arm patients as best we can to help improve their health between visits with their Providers. This is precisely what excites me about being part of IKONA. This isn't about giving somebody a PDF and saying "good luck, see you in 3 months" - this is about empowering people with actionable advice, and supporting them with the latest in learning and behavior science." - Rich

What lessons have you taken away from your work with us?

"A ton. The greatest thing about learning is "the more you know, the more you know you don't know". I've learned about business. I've learned about software development. I've learning about the creativity that goes into building 360 video. I've learned how these can be melded to make a difference for patients." - Todd

"Tim, your team is fully committed to better the lives of others and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to partner with IKONA as together, we transform the world of CKD education!" - Trish

"Enthusiasm and drive can take us far!" - Yolanda

"Working with IKONA has been incredible - I feel great about what the work will do to help others. There is a passion from the team, expertise of leaders in the field, the foresight to leverage the latest technologies, and a laser focus on the patient. That is the recipe for success." - Rich

What are your hopes for the future of IKONA and kidney care?

"I think the work IKONA is doing will completely change the way we view kidney care, and expect it will lead to better patient outcomes and cost savings - a rare chance for a 'win - win'." - Rich

"My expectation is that IKONA will be a force for good in the kidney education space. We will be the go-to solution from day one for all patients, at all stages. We will help optimize the individual patient's journey. We will slow the progression of the disease through education and we will make patients' lives better in the process." - Todd

"In the future, I hope that kidney disease education will be accessible and easy to comprehend for anyone at risk for reduced eGFR. My hope is that IKONA will continue to advance kidney education using learning science in order to personalize education for each unique individual. Ultimately, if we can impact all kidney patients we can improve the well being of over 37 million people suffering from kidney disease in the US alone." - Caroline

"My prayer remains that our strong work continues to personally touch and transform the lives of frontline clinicians and patients!" - Trish

"I hope that IKONA develops the best educational platform for kidney patients and that it becomes a mandatory part of patient care going forward." - Yolanda

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