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Defining a new standard in patient education with Learning Awareness

For patients, families and health care providers who struggle with making sense of health education, ikona is a learning platform that improves knowledge, confidence and communication.


Unlike traditional education that focuses on what you learn (handouts, videos, internet searches), ikona's focuses on how and when you learn.


ikona's platform provides a simple, guided and personalized experience for patients to navigate their learning journey.

easy, on-demand access for all

personalized learning pathways

outcomes across the care journey

share progress and stay connected

  • patients

  • families

  • providers

  • teams

  • short lessons

  • recommendations

  • 100s of resources

  • limitless pathways

  • comprehension

  • confidence

  • retention

  • anxiety

  • shared Q&A

  • patient updates

  • provider updates

  • progress reporting

Which topics are covered on our platform?

We cover a wide range of topics, starting with the basics before diving in to more depth.

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"This need for a transition to home became even more acute during the COVID-19 pandemic. How can resource-strapped dialysis clinics — which currently only spend a few minutes on patient education through paper pamphlets — safely and efficiently transition hundreds of thousands of patients to home care?


That’s where IKONA comes in."

What is learning science and why does it matter?

Learning science is the intersection of neuroscience and psychology. Decades of research shows us how the brain learns, what its limitations are, and how we can apply its strengths in care pathways.

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kidney education, meet learning science

Learning science makes clear that there are two components to effective education: content and delivery.

our three-step neuroscientific framework

How we determine which learning solution is optimal for a specific set of education or training problems.

Discover the power of personalized learning.

Learn how ikona can help you transform the future of patient education.