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Effective education changes lives. We help kidney care providers deliver measurable education and support their patients every step of the way.


How it works

With IKONA, patients gain access to evidence-based educational tools that improve understanding, confidence, and overall kidney health.

Step One

Tell us about your goals

We start with a conversation about your current education methods, learning benchmarks and goals

Step Two

Launch your platform

From what we learned on our call we will set up your platform, so you will be able to track and support your patients

Step Three

Measure what matters

With your platform up and running, we will help you monitor progress and customize individual learning plans

Step Four

Ongoing support

We will continue to work with you to improve your patients' outcomes and better understand their needs

Let's start with a conversation about your goals and current benchmarks.

How learning science works

Learning science is the intersection of neuroscience and psychology. Decades of research shows us how the brain learns, what its limitations are, and how we can apply its strengths in kidney care.

Brain Storming on Paper

Kidney Education,

Meet Learning Science

Learning science makes clear that there are two components to effective education:

content and delivery.

Doctor's Clinic

Our Three-Step

Neuroscientific Framework

How to determine which learning solution is optimal for specific kidney education and training problems.

"I completed my first class and earned my certificate! I absolutely love it so far. I had to seek out this information on my own, and it was so confusing. I love the ease of use, thanks for letting me play!"

IKONA Patient User

How IKONA empowers patients

When providers enroll a new patient on the platform, we handle the rest. We make kidney education easy, enjoyable and effective for patients — and we start by tackling common barriers.

Low health literacy

Kidney disease is complex, so we make sure patients can understand and use what they learn with us

Limited attention spans

By keeping our lessons between 3 and 7 minutes on average we ensure patients remain focused

Working memory constraints

We use spaced testing and retraining to identify and strengthen weaker topic areas

"This need for a transition to home became even more acute during the COVID-19 pandemic. How can resource-strapped dialysis clinics — which currently only spend a few minutes on patient education through paper pamphlets — safely and efficiently transition hundreds of thousands of patients to home care? That’s where IKONA comes in."

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