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Barriers to home dialysis are education problems

Patients express fears and uncertainty around pursuing available dialysis treatment options. When a patient has the ability to see and learn how available modalities might fit into their own lives, they become more engaged as champions of their own story.

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Why your education delivery matters

increase in patient and staff confidence using IKONA learning tools


increase in patient and staff comprehension using IKONA tools

8 in 10

patients prefer to learn in virtual reality versus traditional tools


Inpatient to outpatient dialysis transitions

Opportunities to optimize education delivery in the dialysis setting

Modality education for home therapies

In-center to home dialysis transitions

Fluid management, diet and nutrition

Dialysis patients and teams thrive with IKONA

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Increased Readiness

For those patients considering home or transplant treatment options, meeting patients' motivations with personalized learning is key. 


Patients need access to consistent, quality education tools.


Frontline teams need the right education tool at the right time.

How it works for in-center patients and teams

Step 1

Sign up

Frontline staff can ask patients if they want to use IKONA to learn more about their kidney health and available treatment options

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Step 2

VR modality education

For patients who might be candidates for home dialysis, a virtual reality learning experience will transport them into a fellow patient's story

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Step 3

Personalized learning

Based on a patient's motivations and interests, we will provide learning paths to support their ongoing education and decision making

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Step 4

Preparing for transitions

If a patient decides to pursue home or transplant options, IKONA will help prepare for that path. We follow your patient throughout their care journey

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